EuroCampus Zagreb opened its doors for the school year 2005-2006. Its creation is the result of the co-operation between the French School of Zagreb and the German international School:
- in the field of the administration, concretely by a common building,
- in the teaching field, with the progressive development of teaching of some disciplines (visual arts, music, sport) by the same specialized teachers.
One of the basic ideas of EuroCampus Zagreb is to allow French, German and Croatian pupils  to be very early in contact the ones with the others. This cohabitation during certain classes and during the free time must allow in the long term:
- improvement of the linguistic abilities of the pupils in the three languages,
- an initiation of the children to the culture and the history of the other countries.
EuroCampus Zagreb wishes to make in facts the desire of European integration into conformity with the current movement by making mutual comprehension a significant element in the co-operation of the two schools.
The objective is to develop at the pupils of EuroCampus Zagreb a "European competence" -  in its linguistic and cultural dimensions - as additional competence integral part of their formation.

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